The USAID | DELIVER PROJECT increases the availability of essential health supplies to clients and customers around the world by ensuring transparent and cost-effective procurement and delivery of commodities; strengthening and integrating national and international supply chains; creating more supportive national and international legal, regulatory, and policy environments; increasing coordination, commitment, and collaboration for commodity financing, procurement, and delivery; leveraging local resources to plan, procure, and deliver supplies; and enhancing the availability and use of information for supply chain planning and monitoring.

The five-year project (2006-2011) is implemented by John Snow, Inc., in collaboration with The Manoff Group and several other partners. The Manoff Group fields the project communications team and offers relevant technical expertise.

The project motto—No Product, No Program—is a reminder that health programs cannot operate successfully without a full supply of essential commodities. Through three task orders, the project assists in the development of health supply chains for commodities in areas including:

  • family planning
  • malaria
  • avian influenza
  • HIV and AIDS-related medicines and supplies
  • laboratory reagents and supplies
  • essential medicines

The Manoff Group provides technical services in knowledge management and communications, including design and oversight of the state-of-the-art project website. The newly redesigned website offers real-time information about shipments of health supplies that the project has procured on behalf of USAID, as well as information about the commodity security status of USAID-supported countries, reference materials on commodity security and logistics, and links to other sources of information.


The website and accompanying Manoff Group-led communication strategies are critical to the project’s work to increase the availability of essential health supplies in public and private services, facilitate and improve access to commodity security, manage supply chains, and provide health commodity information for logistics professionals in the developing world.


Past Manoff Group activities include the development of a behavior change communication campaign to help Bangladesh attain contraceptive security, and the organization of a regional conference in Asia on media strategies to support family planning and HIV and AIDS prevention.