Infant and Young Child Nutrition Project

The Infant & Young Child Nutrition (IYCN) Project was USAID’s flagship global project for infant and young child feeding and nutrition from 2006 to 2011. It was implemented by PATH in collaboration with The Manoff Group, CARE, and University Research Co., LLC. The Manoff Group contributed significantly to all of IYCN’s activities, including technical leadership, country program management, and strategic communication.

The goal of IYCN was to deliver measurable results at-scale to improve infant and young child growth and nutritional status, HIV-free survival of infants and young children, and maternal nutrition. Its global technical leadership component focused on integrating preventive nutrition into the continuum of care, introducing quality improvement approaches to support implementation of nutrition programs, maximizing the nutritional impact of agricultural interventions, increasing the availability and appropriate use of nutrient-rich foods for infant and young children, and advocating for prevention of child malnutrition as a sound public health intervention. Country projects specifically focused on five major areas: breastfeeding, complementary feeding practices, infant feeding during illness, infant feeding and HIV, and maternal nutrition.

Global Leadership

Through the guidance of its Technical Director, a Manoff Group staff member, IYCN worked to identify the highest priority needs in young child nutrition, determine the most appropriate interventions to address those needs, and make state-of-the-art management processes and tools available for implementation.

Among the major achievements of IYCN’s global leadership program was establishing an evidence base for prioritizing activities aimed at preventing malnutrition over treatment interventions, and developing key resources to help agriculture project designers implement programs that integrate the nutrition concerns of vulnerable groups; mainly women and children. The documents, which are some of the first produced to support nutrition programming under the US Government's Feed the Future initiative, include a literature review, a fact sheet, program planning guidance and a tool to measure the likely impact of agriculture projects on nutrition. Other signature innovations included promoting improved infant and young child feeding by linking specific feeding practices to the use of micronutrient powders for the control of anemia and developing an infant and young child feeding practices monitoring tool. The Manoff Group also developed two guides on formative research for the IYCN Project to promote the use of sound behavior change methodology in nutrition programming.

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supported global leadership resources from the IYCN Project.

Country Programs
Overseen by the project’s Country Program Team Leader, also a member of the Manoff Group staff, IYCN was active in 16 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Selected activities led by The Manoff Group include:

  • Promoting improvements in complementary feeding in Ethiopia and supporting the integration of nutrition into USAID’s Ethiopia Urban Gardens Project
  • Scaling up community approaches to infant and young child nutrition in Kenya
  • Mapping Essential Nutrition Actions programming in Madagascar and developing the country’s national maternal nutrition strategy
  • Conducting formative research and subsequently developing a curriculum for training community health workers on infant and young child feeding and nutrition in Malawi
  • Using radio to improve infant and young child feeding in Zambia

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supported country program resources from the IYCN Project.