PROCOSI Network Technical Assistance

The PROCOSI Network Technical Assistance Project aimed to strengthen the technical and managerial capacity of the Bolivian NGO network PROCOSI (Coordinated Program in Integrated Health) and its member NGOs to carry out health programming. The Manoff Group was the prime contractor on the three-year project (2005–2008) funded by USAID/Bolivia.


Fifty-five percent of Bolivia’s population is indigenous and lack access to health and basic services. The Government of Bolivia’s emphasis on improving the health of marginalized populations has led to a focus on community health. The Manoff Group worked with PROCOSI to improve the coverage and quality of community-based health services in Bolivia by:


1) Strengthening the technical capacity of PROCOSI and its members to deliver a basic package of community-based health interventions.


  • Working with PROCOSI’s Community Health Project (CHP) on the design and implementation of a basic package of community-based health activities to serve 717,000 people in rural areas in 40 municipalities.
  • Delivering the basic health package, which includes promotion of community-based, behavior-centered programming to improve maternal child and newborn health, promote family planning, and prevent sexually transmitted infections and infectious disease.
  • Supporting the development and implementation of an institutional approach to monitoring and evaluation within the PROCOSI network to ensure comprehensive and consistent data collection, starting with program- and community-level baseline surveys.

2) Improving management capacity within PROCOSI and the network to enhance health program administration and institutional sustainability.


  • Collaborating with PROCOSI management to establish a Quality Program, which establishes policies and procedures to improve the functioning of the organization. This is the first step toward ISO 9000 certification.
  • Working with PROCOSI management to improve the institutional and financial sustainability of the organization. A Quality Management System is being developed, and Friends of PROCOSI was established in the US.
  • Developing and implementing a training program in social enterprise development and business planning strategies for the PROCOSI network NGOs.